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An Internet2 Connector for Pennsylvania and West Virginia

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3ROX (the Three Rivers Optical Exchange) and Drexel University have partnered to share a 2 × 5 Gb/s connection to Internet2.  Please see our press release for more information.

Drexel, located in Philadelphia, is the Internet2 connector for the fourteen universities of the Pennsylvania State System for Higher Education.  The Drexel connection is from the PoP at 401 North Broad Street to the Internet2 PoP in the Washington, DC area.

3ROX, located in Pittsburgh, is a unit of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, a project of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.  It serves as the Internet2 connector for CMU, Pitt, Penn State, West Virginia University and a number of other K-20 institutions in the region.  The 3ROX connection is currently from the PoP at 143 South 25th Street to the Internet2 PoP in the Washington, DC area.  3ROX also offers connectivity to National LambdaRail as well as commodity Internet connectivity for its members.